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Piero Coppo founded the Coppo winery in 1892 in the town of Canelli, located in Piedmont, Italy. Canelli is widely recognized as the undisputed capital of Moscato wines—Italy’s famous sweet sparkling wine (also known as Muscat). Although the region grew to fame as a result of Moscato, Asti is also rich in Barbera—a bold, native red grape. Barbera flourishes in the areas of Monferrato and Langa, and because of this unique terroir, the D.O.C Barbera d’Asti is now one of the finest wine classifications in all of Italy. The Coppo family produces 3 distinct Barbera wines today—L’Avvocata, Camp du Rouss, and the award winning Pomorosso. Piero Coppo was later succeeded by his son Luigi, who expanded the company to include other classic still and sparkling wines from Piedmont made with the native varietals of the area, such as Gavi and Chardonnay. Luigi also provided his winery with the facilities and equipment needed to compete in the difficult, but growing, post-war market. Today, Piero’s four grandsons—Piero, Gianni, Paolo and Roberto—manage the company and have successfully integrated new styles with traditional viticulture. Massimiliano, “Max,” son of Piero (the founder’s grandson) is now the first 4th generation Coppo to enter the family business. As the Coppo family moves into the 21st century, the same values that built the winery shine through: loyal dedication to the traditions of the Asti region. The Coppo’s have set an ambitious goal: to create world class wines while being loyal to the traditional grapes and winemaking philosophy of their Piedmont origins. Considered ”Barbera specialists” worldwide, the Coppo winery has received the Tre Bicchieri award numerous times for Pomorosso (1990,1999,2001,2003,2004,2005,2007) and for Monteriolo Chardonnay: 2005,2006.
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Coppo Barbera d'Asti Camp du Rouss  750ml     
Color: ruby red Nose: leathery spice and scents  more
Sku: 1061472    2 business days needed to bring into store
Reg. $22.49
18% discount, On Sale $18.49
21% discount on 12 bottles for $212.28
Coppo Barbera d'Asti L'Avvocata  750ml     
Color: ruby red Nose: intense fruity bouquet ... more
Sku: 1067239    2 business days needed to bring into store
Reg. $16.32
27% discount on 12 bottles for $143.88
Coppo Barbera d'Asti Pomorosso  750ml     
Color: dark purplish red. Nose: scents of spice  more
Sku: 1064884    2 business days needed to bring into store
Reg. $71.49
18% discount, On Sale $58.59
21% discount on 6 bottles for $337.14
Coppo Gavi La Rocca 2014  750ml     
Color: pale straw colored yellow Nose: freshly ... more
Sku: 2003289    2 business days needed to bring into store
Reg. $17.99
18% discount, On Sale $14.79
21% discount on 12 bottles for $170.28
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