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901 Tequila Silver

901 Tequila Silver 750ML     
Sku: 11934

901 Tequila is triple distilled using only 100% Blue Weber Agave, water, and a proprietary yeast that helps give 901 Silver its unique flavor. The Blue Weber Agave plants used in 901 Tequila are grown in the high altitude and sandy, volcanic soil of the Jalisco Highlands

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 86 points (Mar 2012)
Clean and bright aromas of cucumber, nectarines and peaches highlight a very pretty introduction, joining with flavors of lemon and white pepper in a very direct and crisp tequila.

Wine maker notes
The blue agave is cultivated and then harvested between its eight and tenth year. Then the heart of the plant is removed and cooked in ovens until it is soft and ready to be crushed, which allows us to extract the juice from the plant. The juice from the Blue Weber Agave is then placed in fermentation tanks and combined with our proprietary yeast formulation. The yeast acts on the sugars of the roasted agave juice, turning it into alcohol. Once properly fermented, we take an extra step that few tequilas do by triple-distilling the juice to remove any impurities. During each round of distillation, impurities are removed from the liquid, leaving only the purest part - the heart of the agave plant.

Technical notes
40% abv

Food pairing
Great over ice or in a variety of modern and classic cocktails

Country: Mexico
Type: Tequila
Reg. $37.99
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